Client Introduction

Introducing your business where it matters, also getting you listed on vendor lists and noted in Tender & Quote Requests.

Relationship maintenance

REGULAR contact with clients via News & Publicity articles, Videos, Calls, Mails, Promotional and Marketing products. Agents available for visitations, special deliveries and Networking.


We get testimonials for you: Video testimonials, Whats-App & other media. There is Nothing like a HAPPY CLIENT ON VIDEO confirming great service or experience!

Corporate Marketing

Call us for more info on our executive service.


Directed at Businesses or clients as well as non-existing clients. Ratings questions are strategically compiled with a 1 (Poor) to 5 (Excellent) and with comments section. Surveys give you information incalculable in money terms.

Business and social media marketing

Imagine someone telling your story and making it available to millions.