Where do we go when we need to find something? Our phones, computers and tablets all online! Have you ever gone somewhere needed a plumber and Google recommend 5 companies 50kms away, or when calling “the number you have dialled is not available? In the meantime, you are stuck with the keys in the car! You will find insurance approved service providers with the EXPLORE GROUP, you won’t hold for what seems to be hours on a phone asking your insurance whom could come to resolve your issue. You simply click and dial.

Explore My Business

Originated because of a general inability to find reliable businesses providing critical services in times of need.

Explore My Country

is the business available for you to see where you can enjoy services related to Hospitality, Social and Leisure activities.
Explore My Business is the business directory focused on 24 HR Services and Local business in general. Explore my country is the business directory focused on the hospitality market, Community Projects and certain industries such as “Arts, recreation, holiday and travel”. Local services and numbers to be of help to you: Local municipal offices, hospitals, SARS, SAPS, Community police forums… The need for business to be involved in their communities and also support one and other allows the EXPLORE GROUP an amazing platform for overall awareness.


An opportunity to digitalize and integrate business with people’s daily routine in an easy manner. .
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  • – Promote local business
  • – Improve Public and business relationships
  • – Be an integral part of business and community.
  • – Market our Brand to the benefit of your business.
  • – Carry out Marketing and Brand Awareness through ambassadors (given your area has an ambassador) in high traffic, high pedestrian areas as well as on Facebook, Linked-in, Instagram and agents vehicles.